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Production & injection technology

Adding value at every stage of the well lifecycle.

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production & injection technology e

Optimising and enhancing production through targeted use of technology can add value to a hydrocarbon held at any stage of its life. Elemental Energies can provide a range of services from pre-field development through to Cessation of Production (CoP) and abandonment services.

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Production technology integration

Our specialist workflows use advanced computational fluid dynamics, coupled fluid flow/stress state reservoir simulation models and transient ow modelling

Application examples
  • CO2 capture and storage

  • Accurate integration of formation damage studies into optimising reservoir face completion design

  • Enhanced hydraulic fracture design and performance prediction

  • Sand transport and erosion modelling

  • Slugging effects prediction

  • Produced or sea water injection fracture prediction accurately coupled to reservoir performance

Production enhancement

From pore scale identification of damage mechanisms through to optimum sandface completion design. We use extensive geological and engineering experience to increase production and optimise injection in existing and future wells

Sand management

Unconsolidated reservoirs which require sand management require an understanding of well history, log analysis, modelling and laboratory data to identify optimum solutions

Leveraging innovative technologies for 30 years.