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Elemental Energies is your trusted decommissioning partner, anywhere in the world.

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Our agile approach drives efficiency and effective decision making, powered by engineering excellence and integrated experience.

The task of decommissioning oil and gas wells around the globe is massive, representing a vital stage of the energy transition. With a backlog of ageing assets, the need for the right expertise to mitigate risk and reduce cost is critical.

In any decommissioning project, the well presents the greatest potential for unplanned costs and risk.

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At Elemental Energies, our shared wells expertise is world leading. Our engineers use innovative abandonment techniques and technology to provide effective solutions to the most complex well engineering challenges around the world, including on integrated decommissioning campaigns in both onshore and offshore environments.

We will guide you through every step of the process, from early field review and concept stages through to the delivery of complete field decommissioning, well abandonment and facilities removal.

Track record:

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Over 500 wells decommissioned since our first P&A campaign in 1996
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First integrated wells and facilities decommissioning campaign in 2022

Our focus:

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Elemental Energies is fully committed to the future of decommissioning, driving design, operational and technology advancement. We understand the critical role that well experts must play in helping drive decommissioning forward, ensuring the safe and cost effective delivery of the global decommissioning challenge.

Our purpose is to add value for our clients, drawing on our unparalleled experience on well types, environments and locations around the world, tapping into the collective experience of our robust wells teams, project management structure and well delivery process.

We work with clients at the earliest stages of planning for decommissioning, to support:

As experts in wells and decommissioning legislation, we assure clients of our ability to plan, design and execute campaigns in line with the strictest standards and regulations.

Our engineering teams support both wells and facilities decommissioning activity, during planning phases, mobilisation and during operations. As highly experienced project managers we have successfully expanded our support to deliver facility decom operations.

This allows the seamless integration of offshore teams and a core project management team supporting the wider operation.

The task of decommissioning oil and gas wells around the globe is massive, representing a vital stage of the energy transition.