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We are Elemental Energies

We are Elemental Energies

November 18, 2022

The need for a pragmatic vision for the future of the global energy industry is one of our founding beliefs. An engineering-led future that effectively delivers on our shared responsibilities to safely decommission existing oil and gas assets and unlock the potential of wells-centric sustainable energy projects.

We understand what it takes to deliver complex projects across the energy mix, taking a connected engineering approach to global energy challenges and bringing together the most experienced talent from the oil and gas sector. This approach will allow clients to build on their industry track record and drive future energy potential.

It is our mission to deliver effective and responsible solutions to engineer the energy transition.

Shaping wells-centric projects for the present and the future

The role of wells experts in future energy development cannot be understated.

Wells present the greatest potential for unplanned costs and risk in decommissioning ageing assets and well engineering will be fundamental to unlocking the potential of Carbon Capture, Utilisation and Storage (CCUS) and geothermal developments. As a result, our ability to provide cutting-edge solutions to solve complex problems will be a central part of the energy transition.

By harnessing the brightest well engineering talent, our leading expertise will shape future wells-centric energy projects while continuing to deliver well management solutions throughout the full well lifecycle.

A connected engineering approach

There’s no overnight fix to decarbonising energy production.

Through our deep, practical experience of delivering complex international wells programmes, we provide a complete engineering solution to oil and gas, decommissioning, CCUS and geothermal projects. This means responsibly supporting the transition from hydrocarbon production to sustainable sources, recognising the role that our world-leading well engineering experience must play in delivering effective programmes that span the entire energy transition mix.

In addition to finding a responsible approach to new oil and gas field development, it is also vital that industry finds efficiencies in a sustainable and effective strategy for decommissioning and through an integrated engineering approach to optimise low carbon energy production.

A truly independent consultancy

As the go-to provider for well engineering expertise, our approach puts our clients’ interests first. By recognising the importance of balancing commercial requirements with the urgency to responsibly decommission ageing assets and decarbonise energy production, our pragmatic vision and connected engineering capabilities ensure our approach shadows your strategic objectives and long term vision. To find out more, get in touch today.

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