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A pragmatic approach to the energy transition

A pragmatic approach to the energy transition

December 1, 2022

As a significant hub of expertise and talent in the global energy industry, we believe fundamentally in our responsibility to manage the competing demands of the energy trilemma.

The people, infrastructure and talent of the oil and gas industry will be critical to driving the global energy transition. Powered by leading well engineering experience, Elemental Energies offers a pragmatic approach to riding the wave of an evolving industry, ensuring clients effectively deliver their projects by applying deep wells expertise to the complex challenges of decommissioning, and low carbon solutions such as carbon capture, utilisation and storage (CCUS), geothermal and hydrogen storage.

Future energies remain well-centric

Well engineering plays a critical role in the safe and efficient development of oil and gas production, oil & gas emissions reduction, and in mitigating the greatest risks of decommissioning projects. Our world-leading teams harness the brightest well engineering talent in order to provide solutions to these complex projects.

As an industry, it is only by fully understanding the value of these elite engineering capabilities and integrating the right expertise that we can safely and efficiently deliver decommissioning and fully unlock the potential of future energy projects.

By bringing together the right engineering talent, Elemental Energies shapes well-centric energy projects across CCUS and geothermal developments with effective, expert-led programmes.

The potential of CCUS and geothermal is significantly un-tapped. While these projects bring with them significant technical hurdles, our well engineering expertise allows clients to realise the potential of these energy opportunities. With smart and effective programmes, we understand how to overcome challenging environments and deliver projects on time and on budget.

As we drive the exciting future of energy production, it is important to recognise that this massive, global vision will be delivered at the niche level by technical experts, often working across integrated scopes. We understand that the energy transition must be a smart, careful pivot rather than an instant change of direction.

There’s no overnight fix to decarbonising energy production, and the ability of firms to continue meeting project goals and objectives will only help to drive future projects. Future, healthy energy systems must be secure, equitable and environmentally sustainable. As a result, answering the energy trilemma requires a three-pronged approach.

A sustainable and effective strategy for decommissioning

The right expertise throughout field-wide decommissioning is critical - mitigating risk and reducing unplanned costs. Throughout the global industry are a vast number of rapidly ageing assets, urgently requiring effective decommissioning that ensures firms can fulfil their social, environmental and legislative responsibilities.

An integrated engineering vision for low carbon energy production

Overcoming the initial hurdle of upscaled low carbon energy production must involve an integrated effort, creating efficiencies by bringing together leading expertise from across the industry.

We recognise the critical roles that wells will play in this process, in both CCUS, geothermal and hydrogen storage. Led by your project goals and strategic objectives, we work with our clients to meet project commitments, overcome technical challenges, and deliver global low carbon energy projects.

A responsible approach to new oil and gas field development and late life assets

By handling continued exploration and projection projects responsibly, firms can continue to fulfil their responsibilities and meet the strategic objectives that will help drive the transition towards sustainable ventures.

By leaning into the importance of emissions reduction throughout Oil and Gas projects, Elemental Energies’ technical well integrity expertise drives your ability to ensure security of wells infrastructure as it enters into late life operation.

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