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Five things to know about Elemental Energies

Five things to know about Elemental Energies

November 2, 2023

While Elemental Energies may be less than a year old, our innovative approach to wells engineering, project management and energy transition consultancy has been more than 30 years in the making.

With that much history under our belts it’s likely there’s a lot you don’t know about the world’s leading independent wells expert, and what we are doing to transform how our clients deliver major global projects.

Here are five things you might not know about Elemental Energies.

1. Our team makes us the most experienced provider of independent wells expertise in the world

Our engineers delivered their first well more than 35 years ago. Before being acquired by Elemental Energies, the Norwell Engineering and Senergy Wells teams were already established as two of the world’s most trusted wells experts. By bringing together our combined experience, Elemental Energies provides a connected engineering solution ready to service the world’s largest projects across decommissioning, carbon capture and storage (CCS), geothermal and responsible oil and gas.

Our team embrace challenging environments and the largest energy projects. Together, we have engineered solutions on 6 continents, with a track record that includes more than 2000 wells.

By building a world-leading independent offering, we are proudly protecting the role and availability of the brightest wells skills and engineering talent for future wells-focused energy challenges.

2. We worked on our first carbon capture and storage (CCS) project more than 15 years ago

Global CCS activity is heading towards its long-awaited boom. With the early involvement of wells and subsurface experts helping to create new opportunities and efficiencies to store carbon, our engineers have more than 15 years of experience of CCS projects, after working on their first in 2007. Our commitment to the energy transition is absolute, and we’ve been unlocking low carbon projects for well over a decade.

As industry decommissioning ramps up, the number of ageing and abandoned wells across global oil and gas fields presents an opportunity to offset hydrocarbon emissions with effective carbon storage solutions in these existing, depleted reservoirs. Our extensive, global experience of well engineering makes the re-purposing of ageing wells infrastructure a smooth process for our team, which is why we’ve been leading the way in unlocking carbon storage potential for many years.

3. We broke the world record water depth for a deepwater well twice in one year

In 2013, our teams project managed and engineered the delivery of a world-record breaking well offshore India, then broke their own record later the same year.

The final world record was drilled in a water depth of 3,174m to a final total depth of 7,725m. Since then, that world record has been broken only twice more.

Meanwhile, our team recently began work on their 213th deepwater project offshore Colombia, as our global track record and expertise sets Elemental Energies up to be central to the next wave of deepwater projects.

4. We have a pragmatic vision for the energy transition supported by a commitment to making it happen

There’s no overnight fix to decarbonisation. Responsible oil and gas production will support the transition to low carbon energy projects, while expert engineering and integration between specialisms will create new opportunities and efficiencies for low carbon projects.

We don’t just talk about the energy transition. Our engineers have been working on low carbon projects since the early 2000s, including extensive CCS and geothermal activity. And while CCS will help us to offset global CO2 emissions as we decarbonise, fully renewable and sustainable baseload energy from geothermal sources is a shining light in our energy future.

The industry is in need of centres of engineering excellence like Elemental Energies with a sustainable and effective strategy for late life oil & gas, decommissioning, as well as a vision for engineering a low carbon and renewable energy future.

5. Working in partnership, we’re committed to making projects happen

For the global energy industry to transition effectively to net zero, collaboration is essential, however this hasn’t yet taken hold on an ambitious scale. Elemental Energies is committed to a more collaborative model.

Unlocking efficiencies from the earliest stages of the most complex projects makes low carbon solutions and effective decommissioning significantly more viable and cost-effective. By collaborating with key partners, we are offering a better way to engineer exceptional solutions for our clients’ wells-focused activity.

As we help clients tackle a global decommissioning backlog, our strategic partnerships with companies like Archer and collaboration with subsurface partners to tackle integrated scopes have helped to streamline projects from the earliest planning stages.

The energy industry has forever been a ‘make it happen’ industry, focused on engineering solutions to the largest challenges. As the central challenge of today, the energy transition is also a skills transition requiring smart, innovative strategies which capitalise on talent, resources and digital technologies. At Elemental Energies, we’re committed to fully utilising the weight of 30 years of unparalleled wells expertise to create new opportunities for clients.

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